Lilu Jesus Crucified

3D Artwork Lilu Jesus Crucified

  • Printed on 250gsm matte paper
  • All prints come with a white border around it
  • Limited run print reproductions
  • Hand signed by the artist
  • Frame not included



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Lilu, the Goddess of unity, emerges to reveal the profound nature of reality and address all your inquiries. Her presence acts as the key to unlock the doors of a majestic kingdom, endowing you with the power to navigate through the intricacies of your own life.

When Lilu enters your life, it signifies your readiness to absorb her teachings. Central to her wisdom is the revelation that the physical world perceived by our eyes is illusory. Lilu emphasizes that the entities surrounding us are not confined to their physical forms; instead, they exist as spirits. She guides you to recognize that your true Self transcends form, time, and space—free from dimensions or limitations, beyond the realms of sound or image, and impervious to perception or touch.

©Sohampaz 2023

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