Paz Valdebenito is acclaimed for her accomplished work in multidisciplinary artistry, crafting dreamlike characters imbued with fantasy and magic. A native of Santiago de Chile, Paz has been a resident of Barcelona since 2016. Her academic background lies in fashion design, and her professional journey spans a spectrum of roles within the textile sector, encompassing both major corporations and smaller enterprises. Her expertise extends across various departments, including design, pattern making, clothing, and management.

Amid the global challenges brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, Paz redirected her focus to explore her latent artistic talents through digital illustration. This introspective period led to the revelation of an innate artistic identity, prompting forays into stage costume design and self-taught proficiency in 3D modeling. This self-directed learning has notably augmented her capacity for creativity and imaginative expression.

Nature, mysticism, spirituality, geometry, and the overarching theme of feminine energy serve as pivotal inspirations for Paz. Her artistic philosophy revolves around the commitment to experiencing the present moment fully.