Kevala Goddess

Knowledge, Wisdom, Manifestation, Divinity

Supreme Goddess Crown Chakra

“I am a loving and spiritual being, this is my true nature. I will listen to and be guided by God toward all opportunities.”

Goddess Kevala, The Goddess of Spiritual Realization, lives on her planet Sahasrara; the divine origin.

Guru of the Cosmos, Goddess Kevala is the greatest of all spiritual perfections, the infinite creator of creation, the boundless energy of the universe and the source of all manifestation and virtue within all six goddesses. She is responsible for radiating perfection and wisdom within all those who exist and elevates one’s natural beauty, spirituality and connection to their higher selves.

Supreme Goddess Crown Chakra SoHamPaz

When visiting the purple Sahasrara, one is enriched with all that is infinite and divine. They then transcend beyond the physical realm to become a being of pure light energy… marking the beginning of their unimaginable-spiritual-perfection and an end to their mortal existence. 

From within the source of all creation, Goddess Kevala invokes the center of the planet by chanting the Om mantra. She then multiplies her being by infinity and tunes each of herselves into the highest state of consciousness.

Supreme Goddess Stars SoHamPaz
Supreme Goddess Stars SoHamPaz