Rakini Goddess

Vitality, Sexual & Creative Energy, Movement, Change, Harmony

Rakini Goddess Sacral Chakra

“All my thoughts and emotions are harmoniously balanced.”

Rakini, The Goddess of Creativity & Sexuality, lives on her planet Svadhisthana; the stream of positivity & stimulation.

Hailed as The Empress, Rakini is responsible for generating life energy and infuses each of us with conviction, allowing one to freely expand and to create effortlessly, resulting in a harmonious balance between thought and emotion.

Rakini Zoom Sacral Chakra
Rakini Face Zoom

Her planet (Svadhisthana) is composed entirely of energizing-vital-water, and is coloured orange to symbolize positivity & stimulation. It provides vitality and radiance to the body by awakening one’s creative & sexual energy through movement and change… leading to absolute self mastery.

Rakini invokes the center of Swadhisthana with the Vam mantra while vividly dancing with undulating movement upon the surface of its water. This in turn awakens the coiled serpent which dances gracefully across the planet, fertilizing and creating new life as it goes.