Sakti Goddess

Clairvoyance, Intuition, Contemplation, Projection

Sakti Goddess Third Eye Chakra

“My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated.”

Sakti, The Goddess of Intuition, lives on her planet Ajna; the intangible plane.

With the assistance of her twin siblings, Vision & Perception, Sakti is the essence of meditation and clairvoyance. She enables quieting of the mind, contemplation (the subtle whisper which can’t be heard) and the awakening of intuition.

Vision Perception Third Eye Chakra SoHamPaz

The indigo Ajna symbolizes mysticism and spiritual awakening, and on this planet one can observe in slow motion, beyond that which is physical (the center of intuition and the source of infinite wisdom), the present moment and dimensions one to four. Resulting in equanimity, non-thought and a connection to all that exists.

Extending one’s realization of the soul, Sakti unifies with Vision & Perception and gracefully glides within the planet’s light as they invoke its center while chanting the Om mantra.

Light Sakini SoHamPaz
Sakti Goddess Third Eye Blue clothes