Aphrodite Goddess

Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Unity, Acceptance, Peace, Sincerity, Satisfaction

Aphrodite Goddess Heart Chakra

“My heart is open and flows freely, allowing me to effortlessly give and receive love.”

Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love, lives on her planet Anahata; the paradise of sensation.

The famous Aphrodite shows us how to observe the love & empathy within ourselves. Teaching freedom through love and how to grow.

Aphrodite Goddess Heart Chakra SoHamPaz
Aphrodite Heart Chakra SoHamPaz

The green Anahata symbolizes harmony, sympathy, health and nature. It enables the heart to open and see itself through the eyes of others (via one’s self-reflective consciousness). The planet’s electromagnetic field also connects one to higher realities and the universe’s field of exploration by increasingly expanding consciousness and the vast space of being.

Aphrodite caresses herself upon her floating shell of opulence while invoking the energy of the planet with the serenading Lam mantra. 

Bird Aphrodite SoHamPaz
Bird Aphrodite 2 SoHamPaz
Shell Aphrodite SoHamPaz