Chakra illustration series

This series of chakra illustrations has been created from a deep need to understand how these energy centers work and what they represent for the being. My interpretation of this energy is from a very personal vision of how I imagine each energy represented by a female goddess. Each of them is an energetic center, a world in which I have inhabited in my imagination and which I want to share with you. 

How have I created them? I start with a graphite pencil by hand, then take it to digital creating all the shapes with Illustrator, and finally give them a touch-up with Photoshop.

kali beings

In a realm beyond the ordinary, where the boundaries between the known and the mystical blur, a series of captivating illustrations called “Kali Beings” was born. This series is not just art; it is a portal to otherworldly stories, where the divine feminine met the cosmic unknown.

“Kali Beings” is more than just a collection of illustrations. It is a tale of cosmic transformation, a journey through the depths of the soul and the mysteries of the universe. Each illustration invited us to explore, to wonder, and to embrace the eternal dance of creation and change.

Chrome beings

In a future where the boundary between humanity and technology blurred, the “Chrome Beings” illustration series emerged as a captivating journey into the realm of synthetic souls. Each artwork whispered tales of what it meant to be human in an age where the line between flesh and metal had become ethereal.

As the series continued, “Digital Dreams” delved into the concept of self in a world of artificial consciousness. The figure gazed into a mirror, reflecting on the essence of identity and what it truly meant to be alive in an era of synthetic souls.