Agni & Rudra

Spirit, Intellect, Motivation, Magnetism, Opportunity, Balance

Agni & Rudra Goddesses Solar Plexus Chakra

"In the service of love and light, I fully accept the inner power which God has provided.”

Agni & Rudra, The Goddesses of Balance & Strength, live on their planet Manipura; the breath of Yin & Yang.

Sisters, Agni and Rudra provide acceptance through self recognition and ultimately reveal our inner divinity and truth… we are all perfect beings of pure light. Rudra, The Goddess of Strength, wills us to recognise and to transform (like fire transforming matter into light and heat), whereas Agni, The Goddess of Balance and The Dancer of Sensation creates the balance needed to accept. 


Agni Goddess Solar plexus chakra SoHamPaz
Rudra Goddess Solar Plexus chakra SoHamPaz

The yellow planet Manipura symbolizes spirit and intellect and has a fortifying effect on the nervous system via its positive-magnetic-vibration that drives one to complete their goals. Manipura enables us to understand that there is guidance in our actions (provided to us by a higher power) that attracts empowering opportunities and people of value.

Rudra invokes the center of the planet with the Ram Mantra, which encourages Agni to dance seductively. Sublimely uniting both masculine and feminine energies to the sound of the violin.

Sun Solar Plexus chakra SoHamPaz