Sakini goddess

Awareness, Communication, Expression, Truth

Sakini Goddess

"I use my words to create beauty in the world."

Sakini, The Goddess of Expression, lives on her planet Vishuddha; the abode of higher expression.

The expressive Sakini promotes communication and sound, however only connects when one is ready to listen. She invites us to contemplate our inner truth and experience our capacity to love while enabling one to telepathic communicate with those in higher dimensions.

Sakini Goddess Zoom Throat Chakra

Blue planet Vishudda symbolises infinity, inspiration and the link between spiritual energies. It creates subtle awareness in communication, truth in one’s word and elevates consciousness, making one a witness unto themselves. Additionally, Vishudda’s rich vital-energy allows one extended time in contemplative meditation.

With the use of her powerful vocal chords, Sakini invokes the center of the planet with the majestic Ham mantra… which pleasantly vibrates awareness, union with the whole, fluidity and love.

Light Sakini SoHamPaz